7 Day Sketchbook Challenge | Day 4

gold geometric embroidery art

Embroidery art

This piece is part of my 7 day sketchbook challenge--learn more about it in this post!

I realized today that when I was punching holes for day 3, the next page was stuck to it and ended up getting punched too! After I considered tearing the page out, I decided to go with it instead. I really liked how this geometric embroidered page turned out with the gold thread!

Getting out the needle and thread reminds me of going through my mom's sewing box when I was little. I loved seeing the different colored threads, buttons, scraps of fabric, and sorting though them. I thought it was pretty amazing we could sew and make things ourselves!

She also bought a book that had patterns for doll clothes in it. My favorite design was a 1-sleeve white and gold evening gown for Barbie--it's funny this sketchbook page actually looks like it can be inspired from it! Maybe I was subconsciously conjuring up that dress in my mind :)

I came across this doll clothes book a few years ago and happened to take a pic of the page! Which dress do you like best?

Retro barbie outfits

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