7 Day Sketchbook Challenge | Day 1

crayon doodles
I did something I haven't done in YEARS today--peel some of the wrapper off a crayon! I must've done this a million times growing up and it felt so familiar and nostalgic.

Since this mini experiment of creating daily takes inspiration from my love for art as a child, crayons seemed like the perfect fit for day 1!

Sitting on the floor, I closed my eyes and grabbed the first crayon.

I was really excited to open them and see how the page looked. I filmed the process so I could watch it unfold--you can see it here. There was more white space than I had expected, but I really liked what happened here.

It might look like a 3 year old did this and I think that's true--the 3 year old me is here in these lines and shapes and colors :)

PS: Learn more about the origins of my 7 day sketchbook challenge over here and join me in doing a 7 day challenge of your own!

7 day sketchbook challenge, crayons


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