Hello & Welcome! My name is Olivia and Atiliay is where I share my creative endeavors. I’m an artist experimenting with different mediums including abstract art, collage, brush lettering, and using creativity to give back. It means a lot to me that you are here and I hope you find something that you connect with! Thank you for stopping by!

olivia & valentine

Exploration & Experimentation Through Paint

These prints were created through the exploration, experimentation, intuition, dreams, happenstance, intention, energy, movement, connection, and curiosity found within abstract art. Each print supports a cause, click on each one to learn more:

Textures and Colors From The Earth, Sea, & Sky

Inspired by the elements around us and created using different techniques and materials inspired by each one including ice, rocks, turmeric, and more. Each painting helps to plant trees, learn more:

Look Up At The Clouds

Inspired by the soft, fluffy, wispy, and sometimes moody clouds above, I hope this watercolor collection brings a little bit of their beauty into your space. Every painting helps to plant trees, learn more by clicking an image below:

Life, Hope, & Wonder In The Beauty of Blooms

Seeing flowers bloom, watching plants grow, and witnessing all the life within them have made me feel hope, awe, wonder, calm, and joy. I hope to share these feelings with you through these photo collage prints!
$5 from each print will be donated to Sunflower of Peace to support medical personnel in Ukraine.

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Shop Cards For A Cause

All cards are created from original brush lettering with a portion of proceeds donated to a non-profit. See card listings for all the details and how you are helping to give back with your purchase!
To date over 200,000+ meals have been provided, 100+ microloans funded, and more!