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I am so excited to be able to share a print of my 100 Day Collage, Celebration & Joy, with you!

A limited quantity of prints are currently stocked in the shop!

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10% of proceeds will be donated to help bring
the joy of creating art into a classroom.


Hello! My name is Olivia and Atiliay is where I share my creative endeavors. I’m an artist experimenting with different mediums including abstract art, collage, brush lettering, and using creativity to give back. It means a lot to me that you are here and I hope you find something that you connect with! Thank you for stopping by!

olivia & valentine

Abstract Explorations

These prints were created through the exploration, experimentation, intuition, dreams, happenstance, intention, energy, movement, connection, and curiosity found within abstract art. Each print supports a cause, click on each one to learn more:

Life, Hope, & Wonder In The Beauty of Blooms

Seeing flowers bloom, watching plants grow, and witnessing all the life within them have made me feel hope, awe, wonder, calm, and joy. I hope to share these feelings with you through these photo collage prints!
$5 from each print will be donated to Sunflower of Peace to support medical personnel in Ukraine.

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Begin Your Brush Lettering Journey!

Learn the beautiful and fun art of brush lettering with this comprehensive kit designed just for beginners! This is based on my in-person workshop I have taught to over 1000+ students. It's great for adults and teens, lefties and righties, and no experience is needed! This kit comes with everything you need as well as a video link going through all the worksheets and ways to help you continue to practice and grow your new skill.

Let's Begin Your Brush Lettering Journey

Shop Cards For A Cause

All cards are created from original brush lettering with a portion of proceeds donated to a non-profit. See card listings for all the details and how you are helping to give back with your purchase!
To date over 200,000+ meals have been provided, 100+ microloans funded, and more!