7 Day Sketchbook Challenge | Day 2

collage making

This piece is part of my 7 day sketchbook challenge--learn more about it in this post!

I used to have a toy that was made up of different felt pieces that you stuck onto a felt background. There were a variety of shapes and colors which meant endless possibilities! I would spend my time arranging and re-arranging the pieces to create different pictures and scenes. (Have you played with something like this before too?) 

Collage making

Today's page took inspiration from this childhood toy. I decided to cut out shapes and use them to make a paper collage. I've always gravitated towards abstract images and had a lot of fun putting this together! I'll definitely have to revisit this way of creating in the future.

I actually found a picture of me playing with the toy and noticed that I happened to pick a green color that’s similar to the felt background color! See below 💚

PS: Making a collage is such an easy way to get creative without needing lots of tools or supplies! If you haven't tried it before, I highly recommend it!

Collage making and my childhood inspiration



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