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You can find all emails and prompts that were sent out along with the calendar for the year below.

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CSN No. 1 | Hello & Welcome!
Supply details & survey link


CSN No. 2 | Before We Begin
What to expect, note about prompts & sharing your work, 3 ways to prepare, bonus exercise, warm up exercise


CSN No. 3-13 | Creative Kickstart Prompts
Find all the prompts, check-in emails, and recap from our 5 week Creative Kickstart series here!


CSN No. 14 | March Prompt 1 | Gather
What to expect and inspiration for the first prompt of the month


CSN No. 15 | March Prompt 1 | Check-In
Different seasons of our creative process and community inspiration


CSN No. 16 | March Prompt 2 | Message
Inspiration for the second prompt of the month


CSN No. 17 | March Prompt 2 | Check-In
A few more ideas, inspiration from our community, and new resources


CSN No. 18 | April Prompt 1 | The Written Word
Inspiration for the first prompt of the month


CSN No. 19 | April Prompt 1 | Check-In
The time we have to create, a few process shots, and 3 things to try


CSN No. 20 | April Prompt 2 | Mother Earth
Ideas and inspiration inspired by nature and Mother Earth


CSN No. 21 | April Prompt 2 | Check-In
Inspiration from our community


CSN No. 22 | May Prompt 1 | Mix
What can we combine and create?


CSN No. 23 | May Prompt 1 | Check-In
What our community is mixing up and a look at what's ahead


CSN No. 24 | May Prompt 2 | Movement
What will move through us as we explore this prompt?


CSN No. 25 | May Prompt 2 | Check-In
How our community is expressing movement


CSN No. 26 | June Prompt 1 | Destination
Where do you want to go with this prompt?


CSN No. 27 | June Prompt 1 | Check-In
The journeys and destinations are community has been on


CSN No. 28 | June Prompt 2 | Develop
What can you develop in a longer time frame?


CSN No. 29 | June | 6 Month Check-In!
We've been creating for 6 months!! A few questions to reflect on as we enter the second half of the year 


CSN No. 30 | June 30 - July 13, Rest & Catch Up
Beginning our week of resting & catching up, a few ideas to try but please do what's best for you!


CSN No. 31- 41 | Summer Sketchbook Un-Slump Prompts
Find all the prompts, check-in emails, and recap from our 5 week Summer Sketchbook Un-Slump series here!


CSN No. 42 | Sept Prompt 1 | Ease
Easing back into our sketchbooks after the SSUS!


CSN No. 43 | Sept Prompt 1 | Check-In
How we're expressing ease and a few more ideas to try


CSN No. 44 | Sept Prompt 2 | Season
Inspired by the Autumn equinox and the different seasons we find ourselves in


CSN No. 45 | Sept Prompt 2 | Check-In
How are community is interpreting season


CSN No. 46 | Oct Prompt 1 | Dark
Exploring the wonders, mysteries, and beauty in darkness


CSN No. 47 | Oct Prompt 1 | Check-In
How we are expressing dark and other recent creations


CSN No. 48 | Oct Prompt 2 | Unearth
What can we uncover in our creative practice?


CSN No. 49 | Oct Prompt 2 | Check-In
How unearth has been speaking to us


CSN No. 50 | Nov Prompt 1 | Gratitude
What does gratitude look like for you and a free gratitude lettering workshop!


CSN No. 51 | Nov Prompt 1 | Check-In
Gratitude workshop replay link and your gratitude lettering pieces!


CSN No. 52 | Nov Prompt 2 | Metamorphosis
How can change inspire us?


CSN No. 53 | Nov Prompt 2 | Check-In
Our recent creations and only 2 more prompts left!


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