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Welcome to the Prompt Library!     

You can find all emails and prompts that were sent out along with the calendar for the year below.

If you have any questions, email Olivia at hello@atiliay.com.

CSN No. 1 | Hello & Welcome!
Supply details & survey link


CSN No. 2 | Before We Begin
What to expect, note about prompts & sharing your work, 3 ways to prepare, bonus exercise, warm up exercise


CSN No. 3 | Creative Kickstart Week 1 | Vision
Our first prompt (!) and inspiration to help interpret it


CSN No. 4 | Creative Kickstart Week 1 | Check-In
Inspiration from our community, helping Mrs. Evans' classroom, photo gallery, and 3 ways to get un-stuck


CSN No. 5 | Creative Kickstart Week 2 | Messy
Our second prompt and inspiration to help interpret it



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