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Here are the prompts from all 5 weeks of the Creative Kickstart!


CSN No. 3 | Creative Kickstart Week 1 | Vision
Our first prompt (!) and inspiration to help interpret it


CSN No. 4 | Creative Kickstart Week 1 | Check-In
Inspiration from our community, helping Mrs. Evans' classroom, photo gallery, and 3 ways to get un-stuck


CSN No. 5 | Creative Kickstart Week 2 | Messy
Our second prompt and inspiration to help interpret it


CSN No. 6 | Creative Kickstart Week 2 | Check-In
Inspiration from our community and getting started on titling your work


CSN No. 7 Creative Kickstart Week 3 | Connect
Our third prompt from this series and ideas to express it


CSN No. 8 Creative Kickstart Week 3 | Check-In
Inspiration from our community, year of marks, and The Cube Test


CSN No. 9 Creative Kickstart Week 4 | Crush
Our 4th prompt for this series and ideas to help interpret it


CSN No. 10 Creative Kickstart Week 4 | Check-In
Inspiration from our community and The 100 Day Project


CSN No. 11 Creative Kickstart Week 5 | Unexpected
Our 5th and final prompt!


CSN No. 12 Creative Kickstart Week 5 | Check-In
Inspiration from our community and a few videos that reminded me of our prompt


CSN No. 13 Creative Kickstart | Recap
Recapping our journey and what's next!