Optical Illusion Inspired Sketchbook Page

Optical illusion inspired sketchbook page

For the fourth and final prompt, “Trick or Treat”, I was inspired by how we trick our eyes with optical illusions! I divided my sketchbook page (which happens to be the last one!) into 4 sections and attempted to recreate some easy optical illusions. (You can watch a process video on Instagram or Pinterest!)

Checkered optical illusion sketchbook page

Paper collage with cut out words

The second piece wasn't exactly an illusion but I love making these collages and asking what word you see first!

 The third and fourth drawings played with depth.

Optical illusion inspired sketchbook page


These types of drawings are not something I usually do and it was fun to get to try them out! 

And that's a wrap for The Spooky Season Sketchbook Prompts! Here's a recap:

Week 1 - Dark & Light: I tried to re-create lace and painted a spooky forest using gouache

Week 2 - Fears & Phobias: An abstract mixed media piece inspired by my trypophobia

Week 3 - Monster Mash: A paper collage and embroidery page inspired by Frankenstein's monster

Week 4 - Trick or Treat

Thank you to everyone who participated--I love seeing the unique ways each artist interprets these prompts. I hope this helped you stay creative throughout the month and can't wait to share more prompts in the future! Happy Halloween!

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