Fears & Phobias Inspired Sketchbook Page

abstract art using circular shapes

This is my sketchbook page for week 2 of the Spooky Season Sketchbook Prompts, Fears & Phobias! (You can watch a process video on Instagram or Pinterest!)

water drops with watercolor

I decided to (sort of) embrace trypophobia (fear of clusters of circles is how I explain it…I can’t stand opening up a papaya and seeing all those seeds or bell pepper seed clusters— 😣 makes my skin crawl!) by using circles in this piece. I made sure it wasn't as creepy as the real thing lol but tried to use as many circles in as many mediums as possible!

This page was created using acrylic paint and watercolors (the droplets looked really cool before they dried shown in the photo above!), bubble wrap, paper towel roll, ink, paper, and embroidery thread.

abstract sketchbook page progress

Working on this page reminded me of how much I enjoy trying different techniques and mixing them together (like my 100 day projects!)—I feel excited & inspired to create a collection of small pieces reflecting that. I never would’ve thought that’s where this prompt would take me but I think that’s the magic in the creative process & cultivating a sketchbook practice!

abstract sketchbook page inspired by circles

sketchbook page filled with abstract circles

I can't wait to begin working on week 3's prompt: Monster Mash! Stay tuned to see how that one turns out! (And if you missed week 1, I tried to re-create lace and painted a spooky forest using gouache.)

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