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100 Day Project Mini 3 | Days 21-30 "Wild, Joyous, Gratitude"

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Alongside my main 100 Day Project (where I added one element to the same piece of paper for 100 days), I created 5x7 minis as a way to capture every 10 marks!

Each day when I made my mark on my main project, I did the same thing on my mini and began a new mini every 10 days. It was a way to highlight the different techniques and elements that were added (since a lot of the markings--especially the early ones--get covered or altered as the project progresses) and it was also an exploration in scale and creating in a shorter time frame.

I had so much fun making each of these minis and they have become so special to me! I hope you enjoy them as well!

This mini began with one of my favorite techniques and a bright splash of color! It evolved into adding a variety of elements to create a scene of waves crashing onto the beach and includes one of my favorite Rumi quotes.

"WILD JOYOUS GRATITUDE" includes marks from days 21-30 using the following tools and techniques:

21. Plastic Bag & Markers
22. Mini Stamps
23. Paint on Folded Paper
24. Random Objects
25. Thin Strip of Cardstock
26. Printer Photo
27. Handwriting
28. Brush Splatters
29. Optical Illusion Drawing
30. Double Strip of Paper


  • Measures 5" x 7"
  • Mixed media on 140 lb heavyweight watercolor paper
  • Signed on the back
  • Carefully packaged
  • There is only one of this mixed media piece in the world!

Colors may vary slightly due to different monitors & setting.

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A portion of proceeds from this piece will be donated to to help support the arts and creativity in our classrooms.