The Connect I Collection

Connect I Abstract Art Collection
Connect I Abstract Art Collection
Connect I Abstract Art Collection


What makes us individuals?

What connects us–
To ourselves and to others?
How do we connect?
Is it random–
or predetermined?
Why are we connected–
In what ways?
Can we come together–
to create, to live, to change, to grow?

It was when I was thinking about these questions and the possible answers that a picture came into my mind: several smaller individual canvases that connect together to create 1 large painting. Paint strokes would run along each canvas to connect them but each would also have it’s own individual marks and identity.

This abstract art collection is that image in my mind made tangible. It expresses my ideas of connection, how I think we can create beautiful and big things when we come together, and all the random or not so random ways in which we connect. I especially love that each canvas in this piece could give 10 strangers something in common and connect them in a small way.

Connect I Abstract Art Collection


These paintings were created with black, white, and grey acrylic paints on 8″ x 10″ canvas boards that are 1/8″ thick. The back of the paintings feature a unique paint mark and is signed with the canvas number listed. The canvases come unframed. They can be displayed as is, vertically or horizontally, or framed and hung.

Each painting also comes with a “connect” print, created from my brush lettering, as well as a blank A2 paint stroke card to encourage you to connect with someone.

All 10 canvases are sold individually. You can view each one and additional details in the product listing by clicking below.

If you’d like to see additional photos of the piece you are interested in or would like to ship internationally, please email me and let me know.


My goal is to continue to create more Connect collections, each of them supporting organizations that are working to help us connect and make this world safer, more inclusive, move diverse, and a better place for ALL human beings.

25% of proceeds from each piece from the Connect I Collection will be donated to The New Breath Foundation. The New Breath Foundation “offers hope, healing, and new beginnings for Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) new immigrants and refugees, people impacted by incarceration and deportation, and survivors of violence. New beginnings start with a new breath.


Connect I Abstract Art Collection

Connect I Abstract Art Collection