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You'll find websites, articles, PDFs, instructional videos, and more that cover a wide range of mediums, styles, tools, and topics here. I will continue to add more links and update this page.

If you're trying something new for the first time, I encourage you to experiment with it on your own first with as little instructions as possible. Take some time to follow your curiosity and experiment before diving into tutorials! 

I hope this library helps you as you discover new ways to express your creativity!

If you have any questions, email Olivia at hello@atiliay.com.


Making art is good for your health. Here's how to start a habit. A great article from NPR's Life Kit with 6 suggestions on how to make creating art a habit. Mitzi, thank you for sharing this!

How To Name Your Artwork - Dan Scott, Draw Paint Academy

"Living Journaling" Is The New Scrapbooking But Way Easier - Apartment Therapy



These artists have shared many videos on a variety of art styles, techniques, and tutorials. Browse their page or search within their videos to find what you're looking for.

Jane Davies

Louise Fletcher

Robert Burridge



Art Movements

Art Movement & Styles A comprehensive list with brief descriptions, an accompanying image, and link to more detailed description 

20 Art Movements That Shaped Our Visual History

Art History Timeline - Western Art Movements



Abstract Watercolor Landscape Exercise Using Salt & Ink - Lois & Morgaine Davidson



Abstract Collage Techinques: Paper & Paint - Robert Burridge

Mixed Media Techniques & Ideas - Tom Quigley

Surreal Collage Techniques: Remove & Replace, Shatter, Scale - Laura Florczak

Interview: Paper Cuts Series- Watch Jacob Intilé Turn Magazine Pages Into Surreal Collages

Interview: A Pretty Normal Day With Collage Artist Luis Martin 



12 Drawing Exercises For Warm-Up & Practice - Jess Karp



How To Use Goauche: Tea to Butter Method & Cup of Coffee Tutorial - Mary Sanche

Beginners Guide: Materials, Blending, Techniques, & More - Jess Chung

5 Beginner Gouache Mistakes - Jess Chung

Nature Inspired Gouache Tutorials - Jess Chung


Oil Painting

Oil Painting For Beginners: Intro & Demo - Florent Farges

Oil Painting Basics: Intro & Realistic Cherry Tutorial - Lena Danya


Palette Knives

Different Ways To Use Palette Knives - James Gurney

Palette Knife Techniques & Abstract Rose Demo/Tutorial - Katie Jobling



Sketchbook Pages Several different posts featuring different sketchbook artists and their unique sketchbook pages


Urban Sketching

Get Started - Urban Sketching World



The Difference Between Cold Press, Hot Press, and Rough Watercolor Paper Short & sweet description

The Difference Between Cold Press, Hot Press, and Rough Watercolor Paper Longer descriptions and more images

3 Brush Stroke Exercises to Practice Brush Control - Susan Chiang

2 Simple Tricks for Easy Watercolor Clouds - The Mind of Watercolor

Watercolor Cloud Study & Process, 6 Ways - Noelle Curtis



Shape Templates - Unblocking Exercise

Fill in the shapes: This exercise is inspired by Bob McKim of the Stanford Design Program and his 30 circles exercise.

Print out these PDFs (or you can draw your own shapes on scratch paper) and set a timer for 2 minutes per page.

Fill in as many of the shapes as possible–the idea is quantity not quality. You can have a running theme throughout or maybe they are all parts of one subject or make up one large image–it can be whatever comes to your mind! Your goal is to fill out as many as possible.

The idea is when you go for quantity, you don’t have time to censor yourself–you can edit it later. This is the stage where creativity flourishes.

The PDFs available include a sheet of: circles, squares, triangles, a variety of shapes, and a variety of shapes and sizes. Print all or select pages or make your own shape template sheet.

This is a great way use scratch paper! I recommend printing on the blank backside and selecting the "draft" or "quick print" mode on your printer to save ink.

Finish The Drawing - Unblocking Exercise

Finish the drawing: Use the marks on the page to create a drawing. Page 1 includes different marks in boxes to create 6 different drawings. Page 2 is a little more challenging with marks to be used to create one drawing.

Remember that it doesn't have to be perfect! Complete the challenge and observe what you created and why.

This is a great way use scratch paper! I recommend printing on the blank backside and selecting the "draft" or "quick print" mode on your printer to save ink.



Art Juice with Louise Fletcher & Alice Sheridan Honest, generous, and humorous conversations that will feed your creative soul and get you thinking. For artists, creatives, and art lovers. Louise & Alice are abstract contemporary painters based in the UK.

Creative Pep Talk with Andy J Pizza A weekly podcast companion for the creative journey with inspiring stories and actionable strategies hosted by illustrator Andy J Pizza.

The Unpublished Podcast with Amie McNee & James Winestock Join Amie and her husband James (both writers) for a podcast about building a sustainable thriving creative life and practice.


Colossal An international platform for contemporary art and visual expression that explores a vast range of creative disciplines. Archive includes over 7,300 articles

My Modern Met Celebrating creativity and promoting a positive culture by spotlighting the best sides of humanity—from the lighthearted and fun to the thought-provoking and enlightening.

National Geography - Photography