Join Better Letters In 15!

Better letters in 15 challenge

The Better Letters in 15 Challenge is a FREE set of brush lettering worksheets based on the idea that 15 minutes of practice per day will help you improve your lettering! It is something that has worked for me and I wanted to create a fun and easy way to do this.

The challenge breaks down the phrase “practice makes progress” with worksheets to be completed 5 days a week for 4 weeks. Each week you will work on a word in the phrase from individual letters to connecting the letters to creating the word. On the 4th week you will put it all together and work on layout. By the end of the challenge you will have lettered the entire phrase and have a piece of art for your home or office! When you sign up you will receive all of the PDFs to download.




Don’t forget to share your worksheets and progress! Use the hashtag #betterlettersin15 on Instagram to share your work as well as see my examples and what other letterers who have joined the challenge are creating!

Most importantly, HAVE FUN and don’t forget that practice makes progress! :)

PS: If you are looking for modern lettering upper and lower case alphabet worksheets, an in depth look at how to add bounce to your lettering, or other detailed brush lettering worksheets, please click here.