2024 CSN | Prompt Library

Welcome to the Prompt Library!

You can find all emails and prompts that were sent out along with the calendar for the year below.

If you have any questions, email Olivia at hello@atiliay.com.

CSN No. 1 | Hello & Welcome!
Supply details, welcome survey link, 3 things to prepare


CSN No. 2 | Before We Get Started...
Details about the prompts, sharing your work, our schedule, resource links, warm up exercise suggestions, and a bonus exercise!


CSN No. 3 | Creative Kickstart Prompt 1 | DREAM
Our very first prompt, art movement, and artist! Exploring dreams, surrealism, and the work of Remedios Varo


CSN No. 4 | Creative Kickstart Prompt 1 | Check-In
2 surrealist techniques to try 


CSN No. 5 | Creative Kickstart Prompt 2 | CYCLICAL
Drawing inspiration from cyclical patterns, circles, and cycles in nature and in our lives


CSN No. 6 | Creative Kickstart Prompt 2 | Check-In
Inspiration from our community and The 100 Day Project


CSN No. 7 | Creative Kickstart Prompt 3 | ICE
Finding inspiration within the coldness of winter and in Abstract Expressionism


CSN No. 8 | Creative Kickstart Prompt 3 | Check-In
Inspiration from our community and ideas on mark making inspired by Abstract Expressionism


CSN No. 9 | Creative Kickstart Prompt 4 | MYTHICAL
Exploring mythical creatures, folklore, and legends this week


CSN No. 10 | Creative Kickstart Prompt 4 | Check-In
What our community has been working on, a fresh perspective on perfectionism, along with a mythical inspired playlist


CSN No. 11 | Creative Kickstart Prompt 5 | COLOR
Wrapping up the CK series by finding inspiration in color!


CSN No. 12 | Creative Kickstart Prompt 5 | Check-In Inspiration from our community, what's next, and what you can do during our break


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