The "I" Word

Connect I Collection, sneak peek

I can’t explain exactly how I felt while I was making this new collection but the closest I can get to describing it is joy and alignment! I haven’t felt this way in a long time. But immediately after I finished, I was hit with total imposter syndrome, some crazy negative thoughts, and questioning all of it!

Thinking about it now, I feel it was my ego trying to protect me from the idea of failure or rejection. Sharing our work—of any kind—can feel incredibly scary, nerve wracking, and vulnerable!

After confiding these feelings and thoughts in trusted friends (THANK YOU!), it helped reaffirm what I knew I needed to do deep down inside— stick to the plan and move forward! And to embrace how much I enjoyed the process and not stop myself before I even started!

We are 1 day away from launching (update: it's launched and you can see it here!) and I’m still scared and nervous but mostly excited!

Have you ever felt this way too? Are you feeling like that now? If the answer is "yes" and you somehow stumbled upon this post, I hope you take it as a sign to shift your mindset and to remember that you are not an imposter!

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