The 100 Day Project 2021 | Meditate & Paint | Days 1-10

100 Day Project, Days 1-9

Happy Day 10 of The 100 Day Project (here's a video montage of the days 1-10)! That actually went by much faster than I had anticipated--maybe it's because every day I wake up and am excited to work on my project!

The 100 Day Project, Day 10

My current routine is to read that day's entry from The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo as well as a page from Self-Meditation: 3,299 Tips, Quotes, Reminders, and Wake-Up Calls for Peace and Serenity Paperback, usually while I eat breakfast. When I finish, I pick a place to sit, set my timer for 5 minutes, and begin my meditation. When it's time to open my eyes, I head over to my canvas to add another stroke. I love starting each day like this and I honestly don't ever want this project to end!

The 100 Day Project, Day 6 detail

Exploring different techniques, adding shapes. and creating texture has been so interesting and freeing--it's not easy for me to not know how a project will turn out so this has been a great exercise in embracing the unknown, being in the present, and letting go!

It's funny because single prediction I've had has turned out completely different! For example, that paint splatter above? I thought it'd look more like dot splatters!

I'm starting to find it easier and easier to just go for it! Although I do have a little safety net in knowing that a lot of layering will be happening so if something is REALLY bothering me, there is a high likelihood of it being covered up later ;)

Here's what I did on day 4-10--I was even able to get a little help from Valentine!

The 100 Day Project, Day 7 detail

Day 4 | I've been mixing a few dots of black paint into the same container of white to create new shades of grey. Today I used a paint brush and went with a curved shape.

Day 5 | Went with a bold stroke by scraping black paint down the canvas

Day 6 | Added a splatter--this was really fun!

Day 7 | It was Valentine's 14th birthday and 11th adoption anniversary! I really wanted her to make a mark on this canvas too so I added some paint, covered it with paper, had Val step on it, and peeled the paper off.

Day 8 | I covered my eyes, turned the canvas a few times, and used my non-dominant hand to paint a stroke

Day 9 | Added a layer of white by scraping the paint.

Day 10 | I had recently found and used a can of chalk board paint for a another project--then I decided to use it on my canvas too! I forgot to check to see where the nozzle was aiming so it ended up in a different place than I thought but that's the beauty of all of this!

I cannot wait to see how the next 10 days will add and change to this canvas--I'll be sharing another update then! I also think I am ready to tack on another minute to my meditation!

In the meantime, you can follow along and see daily posts at @oliviajlin_, learn more about my project in this blog post, and get more details about The 100 Day Project here. (It's never too late to start your own!)

The 100 Day Project, Day 8 detail
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