The 100 Day Project 2021 | Meditate & Paint | Day 50!

The 100 Day Project, Day 50

The 100 Day Project, Day 1 vs Day 50We are at the halfway point of The 100 Day Project! Today is day 50! It's crazy to see what the canvas looked like on day 1 and what it looks like now--and imagining what the next 50 days will add to it!

If you're curious or would like to see more, I've been posting each day's stroke on my personal Instagram. You can also find video and more details in my stories highlights too! You can also click here to read a post about the project and my personal project, here's the first 3 days, and here's a recap of days 1-10.

Adding reading, meditation, and painting to my routine has been a wonderful way to start each day--it's exactly what I need, especially now with everything happening in this world. It gives me time to be quiet, calm, and peaceful. It has also been such a big lesson in letting go, embracing the unexpected (literally none of the strokes have turned out how I thought they would lol), and letting things unfold.

I have absolutely NO idea what the next 50 days will hold, but I am so excited to see what will happen next!

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