Spooky Season Sketchbook Prompts

Join me for some spooky sketchbook fun throughout the month! I created a prompt for each week in October and you can fill in as many or as little pages as you'd like. And even if you're not as into Halloween as I am, there's a lot of room for interpretation and I hope these prompts will help spark some creativity! Here are more details and ideas for each of the prompts:

WEEK 1 | Dark & Light
October 2nd - 8th

Explore things that are dark or light--or a little bit of both! 

My interpretation: I'd really like to try drawing black lace as well as tree silhouettes. I'm also thinking about creating an abstract piece with a really bright background using lighter colors then adding dark colors on top.

A few ideas:

  • Try interpreting as colors, shades, or emotions.
  • Experiment with combining both dark and light colors in one piece. 
  • Play around with shadows.
  • Create a mood board inspired collage based on dark or light.
  • Make a piece that feels light and airy.
  • Close your eyes and draw or paint in darkness.


WEEK 2 | Fears & Phobias
October 9th - 15th

Face your fears and phobias by using them as inspiration for week 2.

My interpretation: I have tropophobia and cannot look at clusters of small holes or circles! My idea is to create a piece using circles only and make it pleasant to look at.

A few ideas:

  • Fear of heights (me too!) - play around with perspective in your piece.
  • Fear of water-  use blue tones and colors found in the ocean or take inspiration from a plant or animal who thrives in water.
  • Create a mixed media piece and include words/short phrases about the things you are afraid of and how you can overcome them.
  • Go the opposite direction and use "fearless" as your inspiration. 


WEEK 3 | Monster Mash
October 16th - 22nd

Use the lyrics of this song or one of the classic monsters (Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Mummy, etc.) to inspire this week's piece! Listen to the song and find the lyrics here.

My interpretation: I'm thinking about taking inspiration from Frankenstein and making a mixed media piece with colors and elements that reference that guy.

A few ideas:

  • Mummy - Incorporate wrapping or layers, using tape, or a white/beige color palette for your piece.
  • The song mentions working in a lab - try mixing different mediums together, using something that will cause a reaction in your piece (ex: salt on watercolors, or working with a tool or medium you've never tried before.
  • Take the theme literally - mash together thick paints and mediums together with palette knives or even your fingers onto your sketchbook page.


WEEK 4 |  Trick or Treat
October 23rd - 29th

Use tricks and/or treats to inspire your piece with this final prompt!

My interpretation: I like the idea of using some type of trick on a page or take inspiration from one of my favorite candies...but first I need to decide on which one!

A few ideas:

  • Use colors and textures from your favorite treat to create this piece.
  • Draw or paint your favorite sweets and create an over pattern with it.
  • Add a secret element or hide a word or image and see if people can find it.
  • Try your favorite art tips and tricks this week.
  • Incorporate an optical illusion into your piece.


I hope the above helps get those ideas flowing! Have fun with these prompts and enjoy the process--I can't wait to see what you make! Happy October and Halloween! :)

PS: If you'd like to share on social media--1 page in your sketchbook can serve as 3 different posts. Share the beginning stages of the piece, the middle, and the final results. And if you're able to, record a few seconds at different points of your process then mix them with photos to create a reel or TikTok of the entire piece from start to finish.

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