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Here are 13 gift ideas for the minimalists in your life! I've tried to round up thoughtful goods from small businesses and makers and products that give back. I focused more on experiences and things you can eat/drink in mind (as an aspiring minimalist, these are things I really enjoy!) I hope this helps you find the perfect gift for your loved ones!

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1 // Local Botanical Garden Membership | If your minimalist appreciates nature, this is a great gift they can enjoy throughout the year! I signed up for a membership for South Coast Botanical Garden in Palos Verdes, CA last year and it has been so fun visiting during their dog walking hours!

2 // Tickets To A Museum/Show/Event | Here are a few suggestions if you're in Southern CA: MoMA (pictured), Grammy Museum, Christmas Nights at 123 Farms (pictured), Natural History Museum, amusement parks, or music/sporting events.

3 // AirBnB Gift Card | For their next staycation or getaway!

4 // Maya's Cookies | These cookies are SO delicious and come in a variety of fun flavors! They are also vegan and have a wheat-free option in rotation. 

5 // Usual Wines | They come in the cutest bottles, have no added sugars, colorants, flavorings, concentrates, corkscrews, and are vegan-friendly. Mixed packs and collections are available.

6 // Theo Chocolate | Sustainable, organic, award winning chocolate, made from scratch in Seattle! Vegan options and gift sets available.

7 // Food Subscriptions | Meal subscriptions (I've enjoyed HelloFresh or Daily Harvest) or produce boxes (Farm Fresh To You, local CSA box, "ugly" fruit and veggie boxes to help reduce food waste).

8 // Brightland Olive Oils & Vinegars | For minimalists who enjoy cooking, these olive oils and vinegars would make a practical and yummy addition to their kitchen! These oils/vinegars feature ingredients sourced from family run farms, and don't have any filler or preservatives.

9 // A Good Read | A Book Shop gift card will allow your recipient to pick out their own book and support independent book stores from all over the world!

10 // DNA Test | It's really fun to find out the results! I've used 23andMe and have gifted AncestryDNA. They were pretty similar and both experiences were positive. Check out their sites to see which would be a better fit for your recipient.

11 // Music | Give the gift of music with a digital album from one of their favorite artists or one you think they'd like!

12 // Aday | Fashion pieces that are sustainable, versatile, and modern--perfect for your loved ones who are interested in capsule wardrobes and sustainable fashion. (I have the jacket shown and a few of their pieces and love them!)

13 // Classes | I used to go to a trampoline workout place and was gifted classes which was so awesome and definitely went to good use! 

For me, being minimalist is more about getting down to the essentials and having things that are useful and meaningful (vs. not having anything at all). If the minimalist in your life is into board games or baking, gifting a physical item such as a new game to try or baking tools feels appropriate to me! Asking what they need can also be very helpful! I personally think gifts are more fun than gift cards but maybe that's something your loved one would prefer. Consider what would work best for them :)

Find more gift guides here: For Creatives & Artists, For Animal Lovers & Pet Parents, and For Nature & Plant Lovers.

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