My Samone

Samone portrait

My sweet Samone. She was the most adorable little rotund lady with a touch of sass who came into my life in Feb 2015, when she was about 9 years old.

Samone LOVED nose, cheek, and chin scratches (especially with her comb), biting her comb, rolling over and having her belly rubbed, delicious snacks and being hand fed, looking out the window for birds and squirrels, swatting at her worm-like cat toy, loafing, sleeping in cubby holes with her butt and tail hanging out, and trying to swat Makani when she wasn't looking (it wasn't until this year that I found out Samone was the instigator and not Makani!)

I loved that anytime she saw me, she would walk over and proceed to throw herself down next to my feet like a sack of potatoes and wait for me like that to pet her. If I stopped for a second she would nuzzle and push my hand to remind me she wasn't done receiving pets and chin scratches yet!

Samone laying down

She was not a fan of catnip and did NOT like to be picked up or sit in my lap--if you tried, she would wriggle and move non-stop so it was pretty impossible! Instead she preferred to sit right next to me but not held.

Samone also had the sweetest sounding meows and her purrs were really deep and low. They were very quiet, or at least compared to the other kitties who were super loud! At first I was worried she wasn't purring but one day I put my head next to her side and could hear her purring non-stop!

She loved the cubby holes and when we first moved to this home, I walked into their room and couldn't find her! It wasn't until she walked out that I saw she had found a little path way behind the window seating that led to an opening of one of the cubbies that was under the bench! I put a cushion in there for her and she enjoyed taking her naps in there but would always come out when she heard me.

Samone sittingI loved her cute little paws that looked like they were dipped in white paint and her incredibly soft grey fur.

Samone had such a sweet disposition and personality and always made me laugh! Looking at photos and videos of her always puts a smile to my face.

I said goodbye to Samone in the comfort of our home, peacefully on the morning of October 2nd. Although I know this was the best thing I could do for her, it was a very hard decision to make and I feel heartbroken.

I hope she had a happy life and is now at peace and free. I am very lucky to have had the chance to love her and to receive her love in return.


Sitting with Samone

I will miss her so much and already do.

There is an added layer of sadness, having to have said goodbye to Makani just two months ago and not having any cat presence in the house for the first time in 8 years.

I know I loved and cared for Samone as best as I could but I do wish I had spent more time with her. I hope that she knows how much I love and care about her. I hope she's in a place where she continues to feel loved and cared for. If you are reading this and have a furry family member in your life, please give them extra cuddles, treat, love, and attention for me, today and everyday you have with them.

Samone will be in my heart, forever. Thank you for all the love, joy, and memories. Until we meet again, my sweet little lady. ❤️

Samone Collage
From top to bottom, left to right: Samone, her first day home with me, looking out the window, getting scratchies, enjoying the bean bag bed, looking beautiful, and hanging in the secret cubby hole she found (I lifted the top to snap a pic)
With Samone
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