Mid-Autumn Festival & Mooncake Inspired Sketchbook Art Tutorial

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Also known as the Mooncake Festival, it's a holiday celebrated throughout many countries and communities on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunisolar calendar, during a full moon that coincides with harvest time in the middle of autumn. 
I grew up hearing the story of the Goddess who lives in the moon and the Jade Rabbit who accompanies her and wanted to take some inspiration from this holiday to create something in my sketchbook! I've always loved the designs on top of the mooncakes and that's where my main idea comes from. I also tried to incorporate the moon and the rabbit as well as highlight colors that remind me of autumn focusing on brown since its also the color of the cakes!
Here's how it turned out along with directions on how to create your own Mid-Autumn Festival inspired piece:
Mid-Autumn Festival & Mooncake Inspired Sketchbook Page


  • A piece of watercolor o mixed media paper/a blank page in your sketchbook or journal
  • Removable painter's tape (this has been my favorite, it comes in 3 sizes and it easily peels off my sketchbook pages without damaging the paper!)
  • Watercolors
  • Paintbrush (I really like these water brushes and being able to add water at any time!)
Tip: Test out your removable tape first and make sure it comes off cleanly before applying to the entire page.
Taping off the paper and adding watercolor


You can watch a short process video on how I created my piece on TikTok or Instagram if that helps and for some satisfying tape peel :)
  1. Tape a border around your page. I used ½" tape for this.
  2. Tape your design onto your page. I used ¼" tape for this. (Do you see the moon and the bunny? :))
  3. Add watercolor. Have fun with this! Let the colors bleed and blend together. I decided to do circular shapes to represent the round mooncakes whose shape represents completeness and  togetherness in the Chinese culture and complement the harvest moon in the night sky during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
  4. Let it dry. Go have a mooncake while you wait :) I'm so happy to have found vegan versions at 99 Ranch Market!
  5. Peel the tape off to reveal your finished piece! This is the most fun and satisfying part!
I hope you'll try this easy and fun art project (send me a pic if you do!)--my favorite part is that the results are a surprise until the final piece of tape comes off! Enjoy the process and the reveal!
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