Let's talk about art and pricing

Let's talk about art and money--in particular pricing. This has always been challenging for me—is this price too high or low? Would I pay what I’m charging? What is my effort and time worth? What is a living wage? Who can afford this? Is it accessible? Finding the balance between all these factors can be a struggle! There is no set price for art because it really comes down to each individual artist and each individual piece of work.
As I continue to create and share art, I wanted to let you know a few things about how I will be pricing:
  1. I will try my best to offer a range of sizes & prices for each collection.
  2. One piece from each collection will follow the pay-what-you-wish model, inspired by weaver Jennifer Mao @jjj_mao (see guiding principles on the last slide.)
  3. Original art will never go on sale—I believe in its value, my value, the value of fellow artists, and the value of each art enthusiast who has already provided a home for a piece.
  4. Payment plans are available, send me an email at anytime and we'll work together to find the best option.
  5. A portion of proceeds from each collection will always be donated to a non-profit. Specifics will be shared during each release.
  6. The first place I will share new work will be through my newsletter, Atiliay Notes. (There's also a sign up form at the bottom of this page.)

  7. Shipping cost is just that--there are no hidden handling fees, etc. All shipping costs that are charged go directly to pay for shipping. 

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how I price and that this may be helpful to other artists and creators who may be struggling with this topic too. 

As my art journey grows and changes, my pricing may reflect that but I will always keep you up to date! Thank you for reading :)

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