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As part of launch week for my new I Am An Artist Print + Project, I am introducing you to some of my favorite artists and how their print reflects their journeys and who they are. We have 2 more artist features remaining and they are a special duo--they have been friends since high school and are co-founders of @permission_to_create! Today's print and story is from Bhavna. It's about finding your calling, joy, colors, community, architecture, discovery, and more. Please see her work and words below!

"I am an artist" feature, Bhavna Handa



 Hi, I am Bhavna and I am an artist.

Since beginning I was drawn towards art but never thought of pursuing it as a career option. So I went for something that was closer and more practical you could say. After moving to California in 2005 I went on to finish my higher studies in Architecture Design. Soon after graduating and working in the Architecture field for four years, I found my love for Art and Painting more compelling. It definitely took me a while to realise that painting is my calling. Art has always been there inside me, it just took me a while to understand that and pursue it as a viable career. At one point in my life I wanted to let out my feelings and feel more alive, so I started experimenting in Watercolors and Acrylic. To my surprise it worked, not just feeling alive but also creating something beautiful and meaningful. I realized that it makes me forget everything and gives me such peace, joy and freedom. I found myself more focused and content. That was a big turning point in my life.

I realised and accepted myself as an artist when I started painting everyday. Somedays are better than others. A pivotal part in my artist journey was when I switched from watercolor to acrylic and fell in love with those bright colors. Creating something out of joy and happiness and passion has been uplifting in my journey. I believe anyone can be an artist just follow your passion. 

"I am an artist" feature, Bhavna Handa

I believe community plays a very important role in every field and it also does in artist life. One of the best things that happened in my artistic  journey is creating a conscious community @permission_to_create  with my high school friend Parmeet. Getting together and meeting was not an option last year and it's still very vague so we started virtual insta lives/ art zoom sessions as we went in lockdown in March 2020 as a way to show up for our art and use it as therapy and loosen up. The mission of this community is that you don't need to be an established artist. We believe everyone is creative, we just need to give ourselves Permission. Make space for art, play and join in.

This artwork is all about my love for architecture and colors. I feel close to nature and drawn to buildings and interiors more than anything. Maybe because of my architectural background. The perspective, light and shadow and texture plays an important role in my painting. Either it's An alleyway, A Building, A Window or an Interior Scene. It's all in detail yet it's a bigger picture. 

Every painting is a journey of discovery and each stroke a breath of life. Just like meditation, experiencing life beyond one’s physical nature.

Bhavna Handa 
"I am an artist" feature, Bhavna Handa

Reading Bhavna's story makes me smile and reminds me of the happiness and freedom that comes with doing something that is aligned with who you are and what you believe. I'm also inspired by how intentional she is with showing up for her craft whether it's committing to painting everyday or creating a community so that getting together to practice is still possible! And I found her words, “We believe everyone is creative, we just need to give ourselves Permission” especially powerful. Is there something you need to give yourself permission to do?

Thank you Bhavna for being a part of this project and transforming this print into something bold, bright, and beautiful as well as sharing a piece of you with us!

You can find Bhavna on Instagram at @lovetocreateart by bhavna and @permission to create!



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