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For as long as I could remember, from the time I could hold something in my hand and make a mark with it, I wanted to be an artist. And for almost as long, I didn't feel like I could call myself that.

I studied fashion design so that makes me a designer, not an artist.

I create brush lettering so that makes me a letterer, right?

I also let other people's misconceptions affect me--of being a “starving artist”, that art isn't a “real” job, etc.

Then at some point I realized, why am I believing these things that aren't true? And why can't I call myself an artist--when I've been an artist my entire life

This collection I recently shared is very special to me--it's what I've always wanted to create. And although it took me many years to get to this point, I don't think it would've been possible without that time and those experiences. I feel extremely vulnerable letting this go and setting it free into the world, but it's another step in my journey as an artist--I know it will help me grow and evolve. And as nerve wracking and scary as it is, it's also been so exciting and joyful!

If you are reading this and don't think you are an artist (or designer, writer, poet, painter, business owner, whatever title it may be) I hope you are encouraged to look at yourself in a new light and call yourself what you feel most aligned to and what you know that you are, deep down inside.

And if you are having doubts of putting something you've poured your mind and heart into out there, I hope you take this as a sign to move forward and do it--no matter how scary it is--because you deserve it. I'm also a big believer that there's a reason why we feel called to make the things we make and that someone out there is waiting to find it.

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