Free Word Sheet For Art Projects

I'm in the middle of 7 days of exploring collages and made a word sheet for today's project-- I wanted to share in case you ever need something like this!

Free word sheet download for art projects




Try printing this on different types of paper for different projects--I used tracing paper for the collage I was working on. (And if any part of it gets cut off, change your printer settings to "fit to page".)

One fun project to try (which is what I did for my collage) is to cut out these words, glue them to a piece of paper, put paint on top, then immediately--while the paint is still wet--start scraping to see what words appear! Add more pieces of papers, words, paint, and continue to layer until you're happy with it. (See pic below for an example.)

This project was inspired by artist Robert Burridge and the way he creates collages (watch his YouTube video here.) Something he said during the video that really struck me was:


"My plan here is to surprise myself."


I found this to be such a beautiful way to approach art and life--when was the last time we planned on surprising ourselves?

I hope you find this PDF helpful and happy creating! :)

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  Free word sheet PDF for art projects


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