Free Gratitude, Thanksgiving, and Friendsgiving PDFs For You!

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Free PDF downloads including gratitude pages and activity and game cards for Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving

I started off making one PDF to share and ended up with 5! These were lots of fun to make and I hope there's something you connect with and will print out and use. Here's a little bit more about each of these free downloads.

Sunday Gratitude Practice template, a free PDF download

Sunday Gratitude Practice Page

This time of year always reminds me to revisit and renew my gratitude practice. I love “Things I Love Thursdays” and it inspired me to create this Sunday Gratitude Practice page. It's an easy weekly way for us to capture what we're grateful for. The page has 4 sections, 1 for each Sunday of this month and it comes in 2 versions: 1 with dates and 1 without (if you'd like to continue this practice throughout the year, you can use the one without the dates all year round!)
Free gratitude page template download

Gratitude List Template

Here's another way to practice gratitude: fill in this template throughout the month! If you'd like, you can use different types of fonts/writing in each section and use this to practice lettering. I like putting this on a bulletin board or fridge so I see it and remember to add to it. The PDF includes 2 pages: one with 2 templates on the page and another with just 1. Print out the page that works best for you!
Free mini banner place cards for your Thanksgiving table

Mini "Truly Grateful For You" Banners 

Thanksgiving + Friendsgiving Table Activity Cards

Thanksgiving Gratitude A-Z Cards

This trio of PDFs are inspired by Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving gatherings! 
The mini banners are great to use as place cards--I tied them with twine to sprigs of rosemary but there are many ways to display and utilize them (they can also be gift tags)!
I really liked putting together these activity cards--it's a little something to have on the table as guests arrive, can provide topics of conversation, and gives you something to share during/after your meal. The card includes a section to learn more about another guest, Fall This or That, draw what you're grateful for, and some Autumn Trivia (thanks Ben for your help with this one!)
There's also an A-Z game where everyone tries to fill in something they are grateful for starting with each letter of the alphabet. It can be a race (whoever finishes first wins a prize!) or something to be done throughout the gathering and shared at the end of the night
Free gratitude, thanksgiving, and friendsgiving downloads

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Wishing you a warm November full of festive gatherings, delicious food, and great company!
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