Duet with @ArtEdGuru!

I was so excited when I logged onto TikTok and saw that @ArtEdGuru had made a duet with one of my 100 Day Collage recap videos! It's always cool when someone shows an interest in your art but this was extra special because Eric, the artist, educator, and author behind this account, was one of the first people I followed when I joined the app! 

Eric creates duet videos where he shares other artists and their work and adds his commentary to it. I was first drawn to his account because I was interested in finding more artists on this platform, but what made me follow him was his attitude and the vibe he was bringing! Eric is honest with his critiques and thoughts but is always kind and positive. I like the culture he is creating and social media needs more of this! 

To be honest when I saw the notification, I was scared to watch it lol This collage took so much time and effort that even if he was nice about it, a more negative critique would be hard to hear! Click below to see what he said:

I'm really grateful to Eric for sharing my collage and his thoughts on it (and what he said about limitations)! It really means a lot to me, especially coming from him!

Below is a little bit more about Eric from his YouTube bio and I hope you'll check out his accounts and art:

Eric's TikTok Account

Eric's YouTube Channel

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