Dreams Are Something You Have To Believe In

“Dreams are something you have to believe in. I almost gave up on mine. To all of you out there, please keep your dreams alive.” - Ke Huy Quan, watch his full Oscar acceptance speech here

Shout out to Ariana DeBose for choking up when announcing his name and kicking off the waterworks 😭😭😭

Do you ever get that feeling sometimes that something or someone out there (the universe, source, god, a higher power you believe in) is trying to tell you something? Lately I've been seeing and hearing things that seem to be telling me: keep going, keep your dreams alive!
With winter melting into spring, the cold air getting warmer, darkness turning into light, stillness stirring into movement, and a new cycle of birth, growth, and life beginning, it feels like a reflection of our dreams--they can sometimes feel cyclical too, there may be seasons of harsh winters before a beautiful spring, they can stay buried in the cold hard ground or tended to and nurtured into emergence.
Maybe you can relate to having a dream you're running towards
Or you might be embarking on a new chapter with new dreams to be had
You may be in the process of figuring out what your dreams are
Or maybe you are living your dream right now (so amazing and awesome!!!)
Wherever you find yourself, I hope you'll remember what Ke said, "Dreams are something you have to believe in."
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