Creating the Earth, Sea, Sky Collection


I have a painting I made years ago while taking an art class in fashion school--it shows layers of the different elements around us: the sky, water, fire, and land. Even though it was one of my earliest paintings, it still really speaks to me and I was inspired to take that concept and see what I would do with it now, over 10 years later! Here's a picture of it, (it's below the woven basket):

This idea had been on my mind and I had been toying with different ideas but nothing really stuck. What I did know was that I was very inspired by nature and wanted that to reflect in the paintings.

It wasn't until I was working on my 100 day project that inspiration struck! I used rocks, ice (part 1 and 2), and turmeric (click the links to watch short videos of each!) on that piece and it all came together--I'd use different techniques and materials inspired by each element to create this painting! And as I was looking for recycled watercolor paper, I came across this beautifully textured handmade recycled paper--it was perfect!

I loved collaborating with these materials to create each the Earth, Sea, Sky Collection released on Earth Day! Every mark is truly one of a kind. Below are a few process photos and you can watch a process video here:

Earth, Sea, Sky Process Photos
There are 7 original paintings including a pay-what-you-wish piece. Each painting comes matted so it's ready for a standard 8"x10" frame and every painting helps to plant 5 trees through You can view the entire collection here.

I hope these pieces evoke a sense of wonder, appreciation, and curiosity for this place we call home & beyond!
PS: I've been feeling inspired to make a few more paintings of each individual element to add to this collection, stay tuned :) 
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