Celebrating Valentine's 16th Birthday! Here's Some Party Favors For You :)

13 years ago today, I adopted Valentine! A week prior I was driving around somewhere in Orange County, lost because I didn't follow my printed out MapQuest directions properly! As I was re-routing, I saw something in the opposite lane--a dog. The dog was lying down and I stopped to see if she was possibly still alive, bracing for the worst. She was bleeding by her eye and mouth but she weakly wagged her tail when I approached her!

As I waited with her for animal control to come, someone approached and told me there's a house in this neighborhood with a bunch of Pomeranians and they suspected she had somehow gotten out of the yard. (I can confirm that Valentine, especially in her younger years, was quite the escape artist and still a very fast runner! So my best guess is that was what happened.)
To make a long story short, she luckily did not have any major injuries and nobody claimed her when she was on hold at the shelter. I went to visit to see how she was and she was so scared, tail between her legs, blood still on her coat, but she licked my hand and sat beside me. I decided to get her outta there and “foster” her and the rest is history :)
I can't believe she is celebrating her sweet 16 today!! (Since I don't know her actual birth date, I use her adoption date.) She got her veggie platter (a tradition I started a few years ago but wish I had thought of earlier!), spent time at the park where she loves to sniff and walk but also sit and look out at the birds and nap, and she went on some long walks where she got to decide which way we would go!
She also had me make some party favors for you! :) They are mini valentines (like the ones we used to give out at school) that your pets can give to their furry friends, favorite neighbors, their groomer, and other people in their lives! You can also punch a hole and use them as tags on little treat baggies. There's a dog, cat, and bunny version. I recommend printing on colored or kraft cardstock/paper.


You can also find PDFs for a bunch of Valentine/Galentine themed gift tags as well as mini love notes (that can be used any time of the year!) over in the PDF Library. Subscribers to Atiliay Notes have access--if you'd like to sign up, you can do so here or at the bottom of this page.
One last Vday related note-if you still need to grab a card, I highly recommend having it sent directly to your recipient so that it arrives around Valentine's Day! A message can be added inside, just send me an email to let me know what you'd like it to say. (OK how cute would it be if I send a card out for you from the pets to their parents??) Some of my designs are also available as digital downloads so you can print it out at home to save on shipping time!
Thank you for letting me share this special day with you! Now I'm gonna go spend some quality time with the birthday girl :) 
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