Blank 100 Day Project Calendar Template

Blank 100 Day Project Calendar Template
Even though there are official start and end dates for The 100 Day Project you can begin your project at any time! I just started a new one (I'm making a collage this time!) and needed a new calendar because it's way too hard to keep track of the days without one! I wanted to share this blank calendar template in case you need it as well.



Fill in each calendar with the month and dates (that's what the smaller boxes in the upper right hand corner are for) then in the bigger box, write the # day it is (and if you want to add any notes you can as well). I like doing this in 2 different colors and I also cross off each day after I finish it.
Feel free to download, print, and use for your own project! I just kindly ask you to tag me/credit if sharing on social media--thank you! I hope this helps and enjoy your 100 day project journey! :)
PS: If you'd need 100 prompts, you can find those here!
Blank 100 Day Project Calendar Template
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