3 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Envelopes With Washi Tape - Holiday Edition!

White, green, and red envelope decorated with washi tape

Get all the washi tape you've been hoarding and put them to good use! Here are 3 easy ways to decorate your holiday envelopes with washi tape! You can watch the process video over on Pinterest.

I like to pick out tapes in the same color family or have a theme to keep it cohesive. Mix up the widths for some fun variation and don't forget to cut the ends at an angle for a more finished look.

Have fun with it and I hope this adds an extra bit of fun to your envelopes!

1) Borders

If mailing, leave a spot for the postage stamp! You can also put the stamp over the washi tape if you'd like.

2) 2-Sided Weaving

Extend and fold over the washi tape onto the back side of the envelope so both sides are decorated!

3) Diagonal Weaving

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