2022 Ceramic Ornaments Are Here!

Ceramic ornaments, hand painted and hand collaged

The 2022 ceramic ornament collection is here! 🥳

Each one is a labor of love and I am so excited to share them with you!

I had ordered these ceramic bisque ornaments several months ago, thinking I would be *ahead* for the holidays for once, but I ended up starting on them much later for a few reasons: 1) I was afraid I'd mess them up since this is my first time painting on ceramic and 2) I wanted each design to be special and meaningful and while I had a list of 12, they weren't all feeling like the one. 

With number 1, I knew I just had to bite the bullet and do it! 

With number 2, it's a little bit harder because inspiration comes when it wants to come! I ended up delaying the holiday shop launch because a few days before, I got hit with a bunch of ideas! At the end of the day, waiting until they felt right and looked like how I imagined is (and always will be in my opinion!) worth the wait.

Hand painted ornaments with a black, dark blue, dark purple, and silver background and tiny little stars painted on top.

Finial shaped ornament with hand painted pink roses and rose buds on them on a black and gold background.

This collection is inspired by projects and sketchbook pages from the past 11 months that were meaningful to me.

I learned something important from each of these original pieces and every ornament holds an intention for its new home and owner.

Some designs are replicas of what I had created and others share the same technique or subject. You can read about the inspiration for each one in their listing description.

I wanted to take my time on them and painted them during all hours of the day. I also really wanted to concentrate and be in the moment during the painting process so I didn't record any process videos (I feel like that takes away from it because I have to stop and start a lot, arrange props, wait for good lighting, etc.) I did take videos of the finished product though so you can get a good look at them! (They are included in the listings.)

This was a really special and fun way for me to reflect and revisit the past year. I hope you enjoy these ornaments as much as I enjoyed making them!

You can find them all in my shop, click here to view the entire collection.

Black and white abstract ornaments, one round, one finial

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