2021 vs 2015

Brush lettering progress, 2021 vs 2015

Same quote, 6 years apart!

I did this exercise as a part of last week's Homwork (lettering prompts hosted by Lauren Hom) prompt: "Create new art from an old piece, focusing on your own evolution as an artist."

While my letters and style have certainly evolved, I think the real evolution can't be seen--it's a shift in mindset, gaining confidence in my abilities, being more fearless in trying new things, getting better with letting go of the idea of "perfect", and believing that I have the answers I need within me.

In the email for this prompt, I loved how Lauren wrote about how we are people and people change and evolve! This really resonates with me as I continue my lettering journey and also expand into painting.

It's funny because my next abstract art collection happens to be inspired by an old piece I created years ago. I think it's cool to be able to revisit our old work and past selves in this way.

Have you flipped through an old sketchbook or portfolio or stack of work recently? If not, I hope you take a moment to do that and reflect on how far you've come! :)

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